hi ho, hi ho, its back to level three we go!

we are open for click and collect shopping between 11am - 2pm daily, or shop online with free delivery on all furniture in the auckland area.

furniture sold on-consignment

we sell your unwanted furniture on your behalf

tired of your old furniture? time for a change? 

We know that to sell your old furniture is sometimes a hassle so we are here to do it for you. Just like taking your unwanted clothes to your local recycle store, to be sold on behalf, we sell your unwanted furniture and home decor’ pieces.

Our dedicated showroom will be open to the public to sit and view your items.  All done without people having to come to your home. We take care of pick-up and payments, and send you the money when the item is sold. It couldn’t be easier.

If you’d like your unwanted furniture sold on consignment, please contact us here, or use the form below. If you have furniture you’d like to donate to our ‘Big Sisters’ charity, find out how to donate here

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