privacy policy

Your information is collected by us when you use our shopping cart or sign up to receive our mail outs. We maintain the integrity of keeping your personal information private and will never release details to a third party, unless this involves a credit card company – where the sole purpose would be for verification only. 

We may use the information you have provided to contact you directly with offers – if you wish to opt out from this please unsubscribe. 

As dealers in secondhand goods we must abide by the government rules regarding the sale and purchase of goods. These are outlined below: 

wistle + co must keep a record of every item we acquire including the following information: 

  • the sellers full name, contact address & phone number 
  • a description of the item and its serial number or unique identifier 
  • the price paid and the assigned number
  • the date of the transaction 

Our records must be kept and available for no less than 3 years from the date of transaction. 

consignment goods require the following Consignee details kept on record for each transacation:

  • name 
  • date of birth 
  • contact address & phone number
  • signature 

We will ensure your private and personal information is never released to a third party, however we must follow our legal requirements. 

If you do not agree to the requirements imposed by the justice department we will not be able to take your goods for sale on Consignment.